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EH-POWERJACKET IBC: the heating jackets for IBC totes

Heating Jackets for IBC Tanks / Tote

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The EH-POWERJACKET heating jacket for IBC containers ensures efficient and effective heating for various products, from chemicals to foodstuffs. In industrial, chemical, and food sectors, controlling the temperature of materials in processes is crucial: the use of heating jackets for IBC totes is essential for viscous products at room temperature, such as resins and fats. EH-POWERJACKET facilitates the emptying of IBC containers, liquefying and reducing the viscosity of the product, minimizing waste.

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Detail of Heating Jackets for IBC

  1. Advanced Technology: The design includes a triple heating circuit of 1500 or 3000 watts, ensuring uniform heating. The thermal cover operates from the outside, avoiding direct contact with the contents.
  2. Insulation and Safety: With a high degree of thermal insulation, the heating blanket reduces heat loss. Additionally, it is externally protected by a waterproof PVC or fabric technical coating.
  3. Design: EH-POWERJACKET for IBC is designed to easily fit IBC containers. Its flexibility allows easy installation, while the independent thermostat ensures accurate temperature control. Features of Thermal Covers for IBC totes.

Features of Heatig Blankets for IBC Totes

External CoatingPVC or FabricOperational TemperatureAdjustable with EH-CONTROL max 60°C / 90°C
Heating ElementElectro Fabric ET-1000Connection Cable2 meters H07RN-F
Insulating MaterialSynthetic FiberElectrical InsulationCL2 Double Insulation

The EH-POWERJACKET heating covers solve the problem of heating IBC containers, providing an effective method to maintain the desired temperature, reducing viscosity and thus facilitating processing. The temperature can be easily set via the external and independent thermostat.

The IBC tote heater blanket also includes an insulated cover, which helps to reduce energy consumption and maintain the temperature for longer.

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