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Drums, IBC, and Tanks Heaters

Riscaldamento per fusti, bidoni, contenitori pallettizzati



The EH-POWERJACKET heating system, in the version for drums, barrels, and IBC, are easy to apply and suitable for heating and maintaining temperature. Standard products for the most common types of containers and tanks are available in stock. For specific versions and types, we can create custom-made productions.

Scalda IBC

IBC Heaters

scalda fusto fascia alta q

Drum Heaters

We thank our customers for their feedback:

“I needed custom-made heating blankets, and I am grateful for the availability and customization provided.”

“I recently purchased products from Cofilea; I wasn’t familiar with them before. The prepayment went smoothly, everything was okay.”

“The goods have arrived; being a customized product, it took some time, but as they told me, it was delivered within the agreed timeframe.”

“I discarded the immersion heaters for more precise work and less risk of contamination.”

“A unique feature is the outer coating made of thick, washable, and sanitizable PVC.”

“The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. Payment is in advance, but I’ve gotten used to it. Shipping was fast and on time.”

“I find the products very useful and easy to use; they greatly facilitate my work, and I avoid transplanting: I just move the heating blankets.”

“I’ve been using Cofilea’s heating blankets for years; they fit my container perfectly, making the work faster and reducing the risk of waste.

“I no longer heat the entire environment, just the tanks I need. Sure, it’s not free, but it’s a significant saving.”

“I was looking for a solution to avoid contact with the liquids inside the tank; the heating bands work externally, in contact with the tank.”

“Great product. I’ve solved my issues with stuck fermentation and malolactic fermentation.”