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ET-1000 Carbon Fiber Heating Fabric

Tessuto riscaldante in fibra di carbonio

ET-1000 is a multi-layer technical fabric that generates heat through the Joule effect when electrified. Engineered for maximum heating performance, it is available in seven standard models, each with different maximum power outputs ranging from 100 to 800 Watts/m². ET-1000 can be powered by both direct current and alternating current, from 12 to 230 Volt. Its maximum electrical power is achieved by energizing specific lengths of fabric, at a voltage of 230 Volts and a current of 1.3 Amperes.


Characterized by innovative textile art, ET-1000 blends unique materials like carbon fiber with special textile constructions and modern finishing techniques. The heating element is selected for its chemical and physical properties, such as low specific weight and high resistance. Furthermore, carbon fiber is exceptionally efficient and superior to other heating technologies.


The fabric’s structure includes layers for electrical insulation, thermal diffusion, and heat reflection. This design ensures uniform heat distribution, lightness, thinness, and increased energy efficiency. Moreover, ET-1000 is patented in Europe, the United States, and China, evidencing its innovative nature.


ET-1000 is versatile in its applications, including tank and barrel heating in food production, underfloor heating, and customized solutions for healthcare and spa products. The product is delivered ready-to-use, cut to required length with necessary electrical connections, and is easy to install with minimal maintenance. Special versions of ET-1000 can be produced for specific applications.