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Heating system for tanks, cisterns, silos, mixers, reactors, barrels, amphorae

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Explore the EH-POWERBELT, our specialized solution for tank heating needs. Suitable for tanks, cisterns, silos, mixers, reactors, barrels, and amphorae, these belts provide safe and external heating without risking contamination. Paired with EH-CONTROL thermostats, they are perfect for maintaining temperatures of food, liquids, or other materials.

Features of EH-POWERBELT: heating system for Tanks and Silos

EH-POWERBELT heating belts are efficient and versatile solutions, notable for:

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  1. Low Energy Consumption and High Efficiency: Patented ET-1000 technical fabric ensures low electricity usage and high thermal efficiency.
  2. Optimized Thermal Insulation: An insulation layer directs heat precisely, reducing thermal loss.
  3. Adjustable: Equipped with extendable straps for various tank sizes.
  4. Flexible: Easy to install and remove due to their lightweight design.
  5. Durable: PVC or other fabric outer coating provides waterproofing and wear resistance.
  6. Compact: Foldable for minimal storage space when not in use.

Versatile Applications

Ideal for a wide range of uses such as:

  • Wine and beer production, general fermentation
  • Maintaining Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVO) temperature
  • Chemical material heating and preservation
  • Pharmaceutical and beauty sectors
  • Compound and resin curing
  • Food industry
  • Etc…

This list does not exhaust all possible uses; the heating belts can be adapted to a multitude of uses that vary according to the specific needs of the sector or application

Outer CoatingTechnical PVC or other materialsOperational TemperatureAdjustable with EH-CONTROL up to 60°C / 90°C
Heating ElementET-1000 Electro FabricConnection Cable2/3 meters H07RN-F
Insulating MaterialSynthetic FiberElectrical InsulationCL2 Double Insulation

The heating system EH-POWERBELT for tanks are a reliable choice for container heating, blending advanced technology with practicality and energy efficiency. Suitable for metal, fiberglass, plastic tanks, wooden barrels, and terracotta or ceramic amphorae.

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