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EH-POWERTECH: Customized Flexible Industrial Heating Blankets

Customized Industrial Heating Blankets


We are leaders in the production of customized and tailor-madeflexible industrial heating blankets, utilizing our exclusive patented technology ET-1000. We design bespoke devices to ensure constant heat in challenging industrial environments, ideal for the chemical, food industries, and beyond. Our industrial electric heating blankets ensure quality and reliability.

Idustrial heating blankets details

Unique features of EH-POWERTECH flexible heating blankets:

  1. External coating in technical PVC or other material
  2. Advanced thermal insulation: with 6/8/10/12 mm thick felt, we guarantee superior insulation and heat retention.
  3. Italian production: we assure high product quality and reliable performance for the most demanding industries.
  4. Size, power supply, and wattage: available in customizable dimensions.

Applications for industrial heating blankets:

Industrial heating blankets are extremely versatile and can be adapted to a wide range of uses and applications:

  • Heating and preservation of chemical materials
  • Freeze prevention
  • Curing of compounds and resins
  • Heating of containers for transport
  • Heating of drums, barrels, cans, or IBCs
  • Applications in the automotive sector
  • Applications in the aerospace industry
  • Applications in the food industry
  • Applications in the energy sector
  • Applications in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Metal heat treatment
  • Applications in the oil and gas industry
  • Applications in the plastics and rubber industry
  • Applications in the production of wine, beer, and fermented products
  • Viscosity control
  • Applications in the electronics industry
  • Thermal treatments in the medical field
  • Heating of industrial greenhouses
  • Applications in the mining sector
  • Soil conditioning in agriculture
  • Heating of tanks and cisterns
  • Heating of scientific equipment and devices

This list does not exhaust all possible uses; industrial heating blankets can be adapted to a multitude of applications that may vary depending on the specific needs of the sector or application.

External CoatingTechnical PVC or other materialOperational TemperatureAdjustable with EH-CONTROL max 60°C / 90°C
Heating ElementElectro fabric ET-1000Connection Cable2/3 meters H07RN-F
Insulating MaterialSynthetic fiberElectrical InsulationCL2 Double insulation
Custom flexible industrial heating blankets

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