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They Talk About Us: FreshPlaza on Basal Heating for Nursery Production

EH-POWERGROUND: Plug & Play Basal Electric Heating System for Greenhouses

Heating Mats to Maximize Production

We are pleased to have shared the features and innovation of our products.i.

Advantages of basal heating in greenhouses with EH-POWERGROUND electric heating mats :

  1. These mats allow for flexible preparation of cuttings and can be used directly under cutting trays or under a layer of perlite or agri-perlite for direct rooting.
  2. The system is easy to install and does not require modifications to existing structures or technicians for installation.
  3. The system is safe and requires no technical preparation.
  4. The product is highly controllable, allowing the setting of ideal temperatures for cutting propagation: this creates the ideal microclimate on rooting tables.
  5. The system provides uniform heat distribution to young plants, ensuring uniform growth and cultivation development.
  6. The product significantly reduces energy consumption, thanks to the thick thermal insulation within the heating mats.
  7. The system allows for setting different temperatures for each pallet. EH-POWERGROUND heating mats can be thermostatically controlled in groups or individually, or simply turned off as desired when not in use.
  8. The system reduces the need for rooting hormones.
  9. The mats offer high resistance to wear, water, and fertilizing substances due to the patented heating fabric and external technical coating.
  10. Installations are scalable, and a large investment is not necessary to get started.